A diary entry of an addict.

“We all get addicted to something that takes the pain away.” – Anonymous

Ive seen a populace doing a set of repetitive actions. A boy  who stomps his feet. A lady who chugs her 5th bottle of wine. A man who constantly peels the skin of his lips until blood comes out. An old hag watering her dead bougainvilles. A drunkard who cries at midnight due to his last heartbreak.

I’ve always been pondering about why humans get intoxicated into these stuff. I’ve been seeking answers, until my friend told me something.

Today, I saw one of my friends open a pack of cigars on a hidden corner. I asked her why she kept on emitting the piece of small death between her fingers. She responded me with

“You know, It’s my getaway. My remedy in all these nonsense of our chaotic world.”

And that’s it.

I finally understood the idea of addiction. I realized why people get fixated on something thats out of our social normativity. They’re drowning for their miseries. They’re probably thinking that their addiction is a substance that serves as an antidote of the poison made by the nature of despair.

I finally understood why we get addicted into something, because it takes away the pain. It comes in distant waves of aid we never received. The nicotine on the cigars helped her manage her anxiousness. The alcohol intake of him assisted him to cope up from his latest breakup. The rowdy doodles managed to lift her from getting enraged.

I am not romanticizing addiction but undersanding why people get enamored of something grief-stricken, something fulfilling to their cold bones.

How about you, my friend?

What’s your addiction?

Mine happens to be…






    • I’ve expected you to answer pens BUT IM SUPER DUPER EXTRA SHOOKENEDT (forgive my millennial grammar) ON KOREAN MEN


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