To you, struggling student, It is okay.



To you, a student who’s currently drained,

Yes, it is okay.

It is okay to drink your 3rd cup of 3 in 1 coffee even at the silence of 4am.

It is okay to skip dinner to do your papers, but just for once because your health is always important.

It is okay to throw a tiny tantrum because the file you made was corrupted.

It is okay to complain and tweet your distress on the subject matter.

It is okay to have a 30 minute break and listen to your favorite indie band after the long tiring undertaking.

It is okay to weep and vent out all your woes in regards to how your groupmates didn’t help you.

It is okay to cram all the enormous projects the university had thrown unto you.


a recycled photo

And yes, it is okay to struggle on this education system. We are the members of human race and we evolved because we managed to adapt. To mutate into something we’re not is a skill one must possess in order to achieve full understanding but always remember that greatness doesn’t come off that easy. If you did flex yet you didn’t do it with your best, then greatness and excellence won’t gag over you. But it’s okay. Call your family and ask for moral assistance by means of telephones and maybe, just maybe, you’ll recuperate again. Then Inhale and Exhale.

This school year will come to an end soon and so is your suffering.After all, these schoolworks and the grades won’t matter anymore after graduating but the hard times will. These hard times will really measure who you are and what you’re made of. These things might look appalling and gruesome to you but beyond the painful process, you’ll come to a cogitation that it is still a comely experience.

It’s okay to fail, as long as you’ve learned a moral from it. It’s okay to pass, you deserve it!yas.jpg



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