Family of Strangers: OTRAT Manila


taken and filtered by @evexxv // our concert access cards

“Don’t forget where you belong. If you ever feel alone, you were never on your own.” -Don’t Forget Where You Belong, One Direction

Family. A word that connotes as unit of society bonded by bloodline or marriage, but I personally think it is more than that. We’ve studied types of kinship and fictive kinship best suits this phenomena. All you need to experience is a heartbeat and a strong linkage of sympathy and solidarity.


taken by @rselxpnsv // otra signage

Today, March 22, 2017, marks the 2nd anniversary of One Direction’s On The Road Again Tour: Manila, Day 2. Attending such occurence hyped me up on a no control manner. It was a one-of-a-kind experience for almost every fan of the superstar band, One Direction, have gathered in a place full of alive people they don’t know. A place they consider home for a few hours. A place where they found family with strangers they befriended and helped get out through the dark via the internet.



Considering them as a family to me is a way of appreciating efforts of our fandom and epitomizing that the term family isn’t just the same consanguineal and affictive kin. We did things like a loving family does; We’ve held hands as the pitch-black night changes . We’ve shared food and equipments at 12 am to polarize our midnight memories Awe-inspiring it is to unite entities, like the compressed clouds  and like they’ve known each other for 18 years, into an open-stadium whilst the tears of the sky dripped and everyone’s soaking wet and no one was ready to run  and leave the grounds.



And of course, I, an avid zealot of the said boyband, hoped long ago to attend such event. Big thanks to SMART Communications for giving us concert tickets through the campus tour and to Eve, my mother-like sister in different bloodline, for lending the second ticket to me. If it weren’t for your support and love, I wouldn’t feel at home on a family I am not familiarize of. One Direction, a sanctuary that answered the query “where do broken hearts go?” , interconnected strangers into family, into siblings, without any blood linkage nor the sanctity of marriage.


lou is shookT af rawr xoxo xD :>



  1. credits to me naman for the pictures hehe dat kasama rin ako “thanks to russelle for your love and support” din dapat hehe happy anniv!

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  2. Walang paspecial thanks sa mag ng penshoppe na ginawa nating payong oh hahaha happy anniv homaygad!??!?!!


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