Underdogs v3.0

“We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for” -John Keating, Dead Poets Society

 HUMSS, a strand wherein people who take such, digests judgement from the society because we’re “financially incompetent” when it comes to future jobs. A strand wherein aspiring professionals, like us, gets belittled and undermined by some due to the absence of science and mathematics on our subject units. A strand wherein you’ll see the exuberance beneath the mere conclusions of our society.

But this blog post isn’t just about the strand, HUMSS, but to those people who’ve accompanied me for the last 10 months, my unnies and oppas, HUMSS 11-3.


year end party 2k17 / anticipated candid shots HAHA


Those are just the few lines we’ve shared over the course of our Grade 11 life. It showed how vulgar, loud, boisterous, and dedicated we are on our strand. The said utterances weren’t just the thing we’ve parted as we measure the trajectory path of our careers. We’ve shared countless amount of sleepovers *coughs* electric fan *coughs*, battled a 500-word essay to be passed half an hour later, stumbled our way in into jeepneys and UV vehicles whilst bringing cases of RC sodas, slept through classes just because…, danced the frick out of ourselves only knowing we lost (BUT SERIOUSLY WE’RE WINNERS I LOVE YOU ALL), shot different short films and laughed together after pausing every ugly moment of a character, interviewed a schizophrenic person, students with a broken family, prostitutes, jejes (You guys could actually interview your co-members LOL KIDDING), and OPPAS to complete our researchs, and there our loads of memories I can’t type anymore.


first month of PE classes / sweaty faces

There are times wherein remorse just hit room 405. When we measured the abilities and attendance of our fellow classmates because we were wretched on our grades. When a group friendly competition turned into a silent yet vicious rites. When a treacherous sexual identity confusion muffled the corners of our room. When our enraged adviser called us out for a reason. But it didn’t trimmed us as a section, maybe it did yet it was for a reason.


“Ang Sarap, Ang Saya Maging Pilipino” A DASH THREE CONCEPT


Sad moments came but happiness, laughter, and filial love didn’t leave us. We’ve scared each other’s sanity while doing props. We’ve eaten sisig together while making banters out of Pinoy celebrities. We’ve worshipped Him and bought japanese items. We’ve ridden boats as the sun sets its lapse. We’ve shot frames of movie at 4am. We’ve flipped letters of every words, leaving confusions out of everyone’s faces. We’ve practiced choreographies of K-POP Groups, ending with Energy Gap tune. And that’s just a portion of 10 months of pranks and screams.


my oppas and unnies 4evs 😦 -maknae

It just sinked in to me that we’re all going to part ways. I mean, we still share the same university but the 4 corners of love and jokes will never be the same again. Some of us will pursue Psychology and I know you will all be great doctors and psychiatrists because you’ve showed me that eventhough we were marginalized as a HUMSS taker, you can work well with people. Criminology for most of the boys, and I’m all proud of you. For my aspiring Communications Artists, I am indeed confident that I’ll soon see your credentials on famous publications and networks. For some of us who won’t be continuing HUMSS anymore, strive to be the best but it is okay to fail. You’ve accomplished more than the best on this strand.

Okay, but for real. I am scared of progressing to Grade 12 because you’ve all set a bar for me. There will always be a place on my heart for all you, my Artistahin ates and kuyas. I’ll surely miss every singles meme faces you have, queens and kings of troll looks!

Love, Dash Three’s Bunso, Dannysus.

P.S. I am still confused to pick a stand. Whether to choose Psychology, CommArts, Criminal Law, or Linguistics? Help me!



Self-love: An Essential for Living


Contrary to popular belief, Millennials are not narcisstic. We, youngsters of the new generation just value self-love so much that we look like self-absorbed dummies, but we’re not. We’ve come to realize that there are no other people that will stick with yourself but you.  We became focused with ourselves because we’re going to end up on a coffin alone, right? Although Intrapersonal skill is still important, some people forget to value their worth. So without further ado, here are some tips for embracing and pampering yourself!


This might sound feminine and arte to you but this ones effective, especially to people who are stressed. Go get some facial spa or fish for a cheaper version, face mask, which gets you this mosturized and replenished skin for a day! It actually relaxes me whenever I put some.


Yes, this is necessary! 8-10 glasses of water a day helps you get going through everyday. Not only it quenches thirst, it also keeps you healthy (and your skin)! It frees you from toxins and negativity away.


Although I feel personally attacked by this tip, EVERYONE SHOULD TRY AVOIDING STAYING UP LATE!! (eventhough it’s for educational purposes!!) Teenagers, like us, need at least 8-10 sleep a day! A 3 hour sleep may cause fatigue so, you know… avoid na, Darla!



Choose who to befriend. It may sound blatant and rude but it is true. Some people just want to scam you or take advantage of you. Some might even take credit for your success but doesn’t even help you when you were a failure. THATS TOXIC! Throw them out to the nearest trash bin and don’t forget to segregate plastic bottles to toxic bags! KIDDING HAHAH Anyway, avoid PESSIMISM! Either be a realist or an optimist.


C.F. Skinner’s Behavioral Theory works like this, If you ever achieved something, there should be a reward. You’ve managed to survive this academic year without surrendering completely. You deserve a me-time!



Vain as it may seems, but this is self-love. Once you’ve known your true facial features and accepted how you look, you’ll feel handsome or beautiful. If anyone tells you “You take too much selfies! Stop the vanity!” Do not conform with the person’s view, be a rebel!


Wearing a chino pants and a tucked-in tito shirt? Retro! Rocking a crop top and acid-washed jean? Cool! Flaunting a reversible parka and chelsea boots? Show-stopping! Doing good with a simple shirt and a sport shorts? Cute! There are no limits in fashion and its a way of expressing yourself so DO YOUR OWN STYLE! AND YES TO DRESSING GOOD!!!


Paint your woes out. Write a prose about how your day went. Sing until your lungs explode. Dance even at 3 am. Binge watch K-drama. Sleep all day. Whatever that makes you happy and free, do it!


This is a random idea that popped into my head right now since I’m listening to Jensen and The Flips. A Concept: Supporting your local Indie artists that gives you this electro-pop vibe and retro feels! This makes me feel rejuvenated after a long tiring undertaking of activities. I often listen to BP Valenzuela, Reese Lansangan, Autotelic, Ang Bandang Shirley, Clara Benin, The Ransom Collective, and Ourselves the Elves. They’re also good musicians out there that are self-producing and takes you away from that same old pop beat!cad7c0299502d0545e7c3c3e62b0016ede9cd4507eacae2d9e24ad5f2423f3e0_1.jpg


People can judge all they want but at the end of the day, your opinion will always matter. Love yourself without hesitance even though you see flaws on the surface. Always express your true sentiments because its from you, it means to yourself.

If you ever think I missed a tip for this guide to self-love, feel free to burst it all out on the comments section!


illustrations credits to: ifunny.com


heres a kitten to remind you of something!

Family of Strangers: OTRAT Manila


taken and filtered by @evexxv // our concert access cards

“Don’t forget where you belong. If you ever feel alone, you were never on your own.” -Don’t Forget Where You Belong, One Direction

Family. A word that connotes as unit of society bonded by bloodline or marriage, but I personally think it is more than that. We’ve studied types of kinship and fictive kinship best suits this phenomena. All you need to experience is a heartbeat and a strong linkage of sympathy and solidarity.


taken by @rselxpnsv // otra signage

Today, March 22, 2017, marks the 2nd anniversary of One Direction’s On The Road Again Tour: Manila, Day 2. Attending such occurence hyped me up on a no control manner. It was a one-of-a-kind experience for almost every fan of the superstar band, One Direction, have gathered in a place full of alive people they don’t know. A place they consider home for a few hours. A place where they found family with strangers they befriended and helped get out through the dark via the internet.



Considering them as a family to me is a way of appreciating efforts of our fandom and epitomizing that the term family isn’t just the same consanguineal and affictive kin. We did things like a loving family does; We’ve held hands as the pitch-black night changes . We’ve shared food and equipments at 12 am to polarize our midnight memories Awe-inspiring it is to unite entities, like the compressed clouds  and like they’ve known each other for 18 years, into an open-stadium whilst the tears of the sky dripped and everyone’s soaking wet and no one was ready to run  and leave the grounds.



And of course, I, an avid zealot of the said boyband, hoped long ago to attend such event. Big thanks to SMART Communications for giving us concert tickets through the campus tour and to Eve, my mother-like sister in different bloodline, for lending the second ticket to me. If it weren’t for your support and love, I wouldn’t feel at home on a family I am not familiarize of. One Direction, a sanctuary that answered the query “where do broken hearts go?” , interconnected strangers into family, into siblings, without any blood linkage nor the sanctity of marriage.


lou is shookT af rawr xoxo xD :>

Beating Blue from Thou


What’s your name?

Brown eyes, quaffed hair, and a heartbeat

Made me vulnerably fragile and wane.

Prowling through the isles, now equipped

Delighted and anticipated by your existing game.

Do I ever cross your mind?

Feel downcasted conceived I don’t

Guards down and mirages grind

Will never reckon such illusion, grown

Halt soberly on you, then gulp wine

Is the thought of hope under gloom indeed a crime?

Pigment of crisp saltwater madness, just.

Visual to some, dwelled on mine

Melancholy; superficial upon crust

Blue, it is. My soul taken by thine

How can love toil from afar?

Fixated nebulas on your eyes, scarred.

Tragic; full of eluded dead stars

Unrequited it must, one-sided it went.

Admiring someone, I’ve never fully met.

The Lovely Bones: A Rendered and Transcribed Masterpiece

“These were the lovely bones that had grown around my absence: the connections-sometimes tenuous, sometimes made at great cost, but often magnificent-that happened after I was gone. And I began to see things in a way that let me hold the world without me in it. The events that my death wrought were merely the bones of a body that would become whole at some unpredictable time in the future. The price of what I came to see as this miraculous body had been my life.”

Alice Sebold, The Lovely Bones

trigger warning: rape, emotional death, murder, violence, divorce, and obsession


“My name is Salmon, like the fish: first name, Susie. I was fourteen when I was murdered on December 6, 1973”

Peter Jackson’s adaptation of Alice Sebold’s novel, which was published last 2002, entitled The Lovely Bones evoked the ordeal death of a girl whose last name belongs to a fish; Susie Salmon, under the hands of an obssessed rapist.

From the setting of a 1970s milleu at an American locale, it enthralls the journey of Susie Salmon (Saoirse Ronan) to heaven. Ronan’s character spurns the thought of death and being afar from her beloved relatives, friends, and lover. She continues to be nostalgic on every single memory of her and even her last day as an intact body. She stayed on an area where every structure hides an extensive nuance.


Between Realm: where Susie watches her grief-stricken family mourn and seek for her.

The afterlife realm seemed psychedelic to some, but sentimental to the protagonist. From there, she watches her family endure the pain of searching for Susie’s body while the culprit behind her absence (Stanley Tucci) plots another lamentable crime upon her sister.

Stanley Tucci as George Harvey

Susie’s murderer: George Harvey (Stanley Tucci)

Susie’s father ( Mark Wahlberg), obsessed on finding her daughter’s killer, forgot that he still have two kids growing up vague and a wife close to filing a divorce. While Susie’s younger sister manages to unveil the unnerving mystery of her dearest sibling’s demise.

Head of the Salmon Family: Jack Salmon (Mark Wahlberg)

It’s that type of a film/book wherein the populace may come astray with the hidden intentions due to the dream-like yet ghastly visuals of the Between but once you comprehend its true in-depth cognition, you will come in full circle. 360 degrees of understanding on how Susie believed how turning back is a no-no, how other victims of Tucci (YES SPOILER) died, the whereabouts of Susie’s butchered body, and how the snowglobe analogy of her father may intertwine Susie’s stay on the Between realm.


George shows Susie his underground lair, knowing it’ll be Susie’s last view as a mortal.

The Lovely Bones depicts the forfeiture of a young adolescent and her struggle to progress to Heaven; where she must free everything that fastens her to the reality of the living. It resonates the connotation of love, grief, and obsession from the skin to the Lovely Bones. 



To you, struggling student, It is okay.



To you, a student who’s currently drained,

Yes, it is okay.

It is okay to drink your 3rd cup of 3 in 1 coffee even at the silence of 4am.

It is okay to skip dinner to do your papers, but just for once because your health is always important.

It is okay to throw a tiny tantrum because the file you made was corrupted.

It is okay to complain and tweet your distress on the subject matter.

It is okay to have a 30 minute break and listen to your favorite indie band after the long tiring undertaking.

It is okay to weep and vent out all your woes in regards to how your groupmates didn’t help you.

It is okay to cram all the enormous projects the university had thrown unto you.


a recycled photo

And yes, it is okay to struggle on this education system. We are the members of human race and we evolved because we managed to adapt. To mutate into something we’re not is a skill one must possess in order to achieve full understanding but always remember that greatness doesn’t come off that easy. If you did flex yet you didn’t do it with your best, then greatness and excellence won’t gag over you. But it’s okay. Call your family and ask for moral assistance by means of telephones and maybe, just maybe, you’ll recuperate again. Then Inhale and Exhale.

This school year will come to an end soon and so is your suffering.After all, these schoolworks and the grades won’t matter anymore after graduating but the hard times will. These hard times will really measure who you are and what you’re made of. These things might look appalling and gruesome to you but beyond the painful process, you’ll come to a cogitation that it is still a comely experience.

It’s okay to fail, as long as you’ve learned a moral from it. It’s okay to pass, you deserve it!yas.jpg

Philosophy of The Sky


“In the sky there are always answers and explanations for everything: every pain, every suffering, joy and confusion.”
Ishmael Beah, A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

The sky rejoices with us with our happiness, by letting the ball of sunshine sink within our skins, representing replenishment and the warmth of love. We take pictures of us within the sunlight, valuing how natural lighting works, not knowing its true meaning.

The clouded and fully loaded sky hides from the view of its watchers, maybe too preoccupied of unsaid thoughts. We question ourselves why is there an abundant amount of clouds, unaware of the sky’s mindset. Why are we overthinking  and complicating things out that causes us to radiate negativity everywhere?

The grey sky burdens some pail of water, dragging the weeping raindrops and perfect lightnings. Eventually, falling all its belongings unto the canopy of life. We watch the sky bellow its distress on us, then joining it by means of writing all our miseries on the steamed glass of our windows, and sipping a cup of warm tea.

The sky begets strokes of different hue, at a time, as a sign of the sun waving goodbye to its spectators. Just like the human nature, we saw beauty on farewells through dusks. We believe that we will see something such alluring the next day. We cling unto the hope of having the same aesthetic again, knowing it came to an end.

The dotted sky proves us that even on the darkness, we can still shine. It’s celestial bodies flicker on the pitch-black darkness of the sky even on 12 midnight of late calls. We trace the constellations on the sky to show that we learned basic science and prove that we’re not too old to imagine figures on stars.

And within the sky,

We see people we shouldn’t.

We see the sky as an accompany to our hardships while doing projects.

We see the sky as our exes, our pillow to the mishaps of the universe, our unwary yet nonchalant ear out of the hazy noise of our life.

But the distinction between the sky and our exes is that the sky knows how to look concerned even when it’s not.


Gratefully sorry.


not on my watch


To my past lover,

Thank you.

For enduring me at my hard times, even though you didn’t.

For sacrificing yourself on the process of our relationship, but you didn’t.

For making a pact that pursues to fathom the depths of me, except you didn’t.

For valuing my eminence as an exemplary pupil that was a hindrance for talking to you; you didn’t.

For harnessing me unto your soul, forgetting him from your past, yet you didn’t.

Thank you for having to call me your ‘partner’ but your toxicity seemed to built my anxieties once again and the current stopped when we ended. But you weren’t always that bad. You reminded me of daytime serenades and cocoon butterflies, full of sunlight, tunes, and colors but I prefer to have a glamorous and minimal moonlight dances.


I apologize.

For leaving you reluctantly, to the rock bottom.

For letting the opportunities pass, just to show you that I somehow loved you.

For trying so hard, settling down to the Great Unknown.

For tasting the bittersweet poison of your lips on mine whenever I hear your name.

For staying sober and sane, even at 3am, weeping from all the miseries you’ve brought.

For letting you unlatch the real you, knowing you’re an absolute deuce.

Sorry for leaving you on seen. Leaving you, literally. It was a divulged relationship of issues and garbage. And I did want no leftovers. Sorry for having to trip to an abysmal chasm of a person who didn’t love you back, even though I tried so hard.

I am gratefully sorry for being a burden and an accomplice to your acceptance. It was a helluva ride; I made artworks based from us, from you. I made literary pieces about you. I imprisoned our memories in me as a sign of faux pas.


Danke und ich entschuldige mich. Ich hoffe du würdest dich selbst ersticken.


A diary entry of an addict.

“We all get addicted to something that takes the pain away.” – Anonymous

Ive seen a populace doing a set of repetitive actions. A boy  who stomps his feet. A lady who chugs her 5th bottle of wine. A man who constantly peels the skin of his lips until blood comes out. An old hag watering her dead bougainvilles. A drunkard who cries at midnight due to his last heartbreak.

I’ve always been pondering about why humans get intoxicated into these stuff. I’ve been seeking answers, until my friend told me something.

Today, I saw one of my friends open a pack of cigars on a hidden corner. I asked her why she kept on emitting the piece of small death between her fingers. She responded me with

“You know, It’s my getaway. My remedy in all these nonsense of our chaotic world.”

And that’s it.

I finally understood the idea of addiction. I realized why people get fixated on something thats out of our social normativity. They’re drowning for their miseries. They’re probably thinking that their addiction is a substance that serves as an antidote of the poison made by the nature of despair.

I finally understood why we get addicted into something, because it takes away the pain. It comes in distant waves of aid we never received. The nicotine on the cigars helped her manage her anxiousness. The alcohol intake of him assisted him to cope up from his latest breakup. The rowdy doodles managed to lift her from getting enraged.

I am not romanticizing addiction but undersanding why people get enamored of something grief-stricken, something fulfilling to their cold bones.

How about you, my friend?

What’s your addiction?

Mine happens to be…